Trending Today…

Trending today at the Morton house…

Flirting with the ceiling fan (the baby, not me)


Trending Selfies

Chocolate chip waffles,

Running with no pants on (a 4-year-old, not me)

***Picture Censored***

Wearing flip-flops indoors, all day, for the 37th day in a row.  In winter.

Trending Flip Flops

Snuggling with baby sister,

Trending Snuggles

Playing new game called, “mean animals”.  Involves crawling around and howling as a pack of wolves and speaking in very mean voices.  I get to be the three-legged wolf with 1 eye who carries about 30 beanie babies back and forth to our “mean wolf den”. 

What’s trending in your nest today???


2 thoughts on “Trending Today…

  1. This is my new favorite blog. So glad to hear that your daily life is a lot like mine 🙂

    Trending in my house today:

    A toddler playing with pots and pans and squeezing his stuffed animals and himself into the pot because “it’s a boat”

    Making cookies during nap time, after a yoga session…i swear i was going to beginning my sugar detox today.

    Pretending to be bear waking from hibernation…

    Sitting going pee with door open when toddler runs in with a horse puppet and a lamb puppet, and making me have a puppet show while on the toilet

    Showering with curtain half open and reminding everyone the toilet is off limits for fishing

    Wouldn’t have in any other way!

    – liz


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