We take the stress out of pregnancy, babies, and home so you can simply enjoy life!

Picbigstock_nest_with_eggs_in_woman_s_hand_19485377It’s simple!  Okay, maybe it’s not so simple.  Pregnancy, babies, toddlers, work, spouses, laundry, errands, sleep, cleaning, carpool, life. Yikes, it is downright stressful!  Feeling overwhelmed?  Stop.  Take a deep breath, and let Your Best Nest help you create a beautiful and organized home, and enjoy a peaceful and healthy pregnancy.

Your Best Nest was hatched to help busy Indianapolis families create the home they dream of on any budget!  We work to eliminate the stress of this crazy life so you can enjoy more time with your family.  We have been there, and it is far from easy!  We have been the full-time working mom and the stay-at-home mom.  We have wandered the aisles at Babies R Us in a fog of complete confusion.  At Your Best Nest we love to take inspiration and make it happen!  We find ridiculous joy in crossing off every line of a to do list!  We love to bring serenity and beauty into a space that was once cluttered and chaotic.  We are not Bellyafraid to admit that we enjoy going to Buy Buy Baby, even on a Saturday afternoon.  Each pregnancy is different, each home and family unique, and that is where the adventure can begin, let us come along for the ride.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Megan Morton is a mother of two young boys and a baby girl, wife, part-time crazy person, and lover of babies and all things organized.  She finds true joy in helping others accomplish things they didn’t think they could do.  She is passionate about finding ways to eliminate stress and create peace and beauty in your home and your pregnancy.  Megan has a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a minor in Interior Design from Purdue University.  She has worked as an event planner, fundraising director, restaurant manager, and her hardest job yet…motherhood!

With Your Best Nest, Megan has been able to incorporate her experience as an event planner and mother with her passion for interior design and obsession with organizing.  She enjoys helping families to simplify their homes and pregnancies so that they can enjoy more time together in a stress-free nest! 


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  1. Hi there. Not sure if this is appropriate or not to ask you but I am what I consider to be a new mom. My son is 7 months old, first child, cutest thing ever and I’m a just turned 40 year old mess! Lol. I’ve kinda always had anxiety but boy is it through the roof now! I’ve never taken medication and will never. Any suggestions? I’m always nervous. He’s so active which I know is a good thing but I can’t keep up and I won’t let him cry so that puts a lot of pressure on me. I stare at his monitor in anticipation of him waking up and move on to different toys, different rooms and different positions just to keep him happy but it’s making me miserable! Am I overly…I don’t know what? Too quick to keep him happy? Do you have any advice for anxiety naturally? Any words of encouragement at all? I just want to be calm, happy and energetic as much as possible so I can enjoy his energy not fear it!


    • Hi I struggled greatly with anxiety and depression postpartum. Some natural ways that have helped me is keeping my blood sugar stable, which means more frequent meals that are high protein. More nutrient dense meals which means no more coffee and scone for breakfast : (
      Also making sure you are not depleted in certain vitamins such as Calcium/Magnesium/ Zinc and D3 ( These can come as a yummy multi liquid form). Practically, remembering that our expectations of ourselves, if you are anything like me are not realistic and to have grace on yourself. I have two little girls who have amazing imaginations, tons of energy and have learned to entertain themselves during those times I need to sit down or need to clean. If we always are running to save them and keep them occupied they do not learn how to grow into self sufficient adults. All that being said with everything in balance, you sound like a great Mom who just wants to do a good job. I hope this helps a little and doesn’t sound judgmental at all.


    • Hi and sorry, it has take a while for me to sort through all of my messages. But, I completely relate to your anxiety with an active little boy! Sounds like how I felt with my first wild and crazy boy, into EVERYTHING! First of all, toddlers, like babies feed off anxiety, so you need to do your best to try to diminish your anxiety. Are you able to exercise or try yoga? These are 2 things that help me greatly. Also, prescription medicines work great if you are open to that route. Eat healthy, try kid and mama yoga, just make it up like I do:) Get outdoors, run, breathe fresh air! Listen to meditations from youtube during his naps.

      Most of all….let your boy be a boy:) It is okay for him to get hurt sometimes(to a point) let him discover on his own. Assuming he is in a safe environment, let him explore on his own with you close by so he is secure knowing you are near. Otherwise, you will raise a little boy who is too dependent on you, not good for him, and definitely not good for you 🙂 Let him gain his independence and just breathe! It’s okay to not be at his beck and call:) I promise! Even let him cry (to a point) so he can learn to soothe himself and that someone is not going to be there in an instant his entire life to comfort him. Boy oh boy! Boys can be crazy but help him grow to a confident and independent toddler, he will love you all the more!

      Also, I would suggest the book, “Bringing up Bebe”. It is funny and has helped me a lot with my style of parenting. I don’t follow an exact method by any means, but I like the thoughts in this book and has helped me.

      Good luck and always feel free to contact me, I love to help the best I can! Thank you for visiting my site!


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  3. I read your entry today regarding ‘Somebody needs you’ right after I dropped off my 4 and 6 year old at school. I foolishly stood in front of the school and started reading and then proceeded to cry. Blurry vision, red eyes, quivering lip-the works. I wanted to turn around and pull my kids out of school, hug them, and take them for ice cream all day long (I live in Italy-there are plenty of fabulous ice cream stops to stumble into), but then composed myself and kept on walking with a warm and fuzzy, but also aching feeling inside. Fast forward 6 hours later, and I couldn’t pedal fast enough on my bike to see them at pick-up. Thank you. 🙂


  4. I love this! Your work is a beautiful reminder that childhood is fleeting, and our babies won’t always be babies. Coincidentally, I’m from Indianapolis, went to Purdue University, I am a chef in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and I am a mommy to the sweetest little boy I know. Wow! Your musings definately strike a cord with me. Thank you.


  5. As a father of a 6 and 3 year old, and husband to a wife who stays at home while running a photography business, I just had to comment on how wonderful your “Mommy, Someone Needs You” article was. It was the best article I have read on the subject (parenting during the early years) by far. It was INCREDIBLY well written and I could relate to EVERY single word. The part about hearing the little footsteps in the middle of the night just to say I Love You was exactly what our youngest does. I read the article aloud to my wife who was sobbing halfway into it, and as a man who is not as sensitive as I should be, I too shed several tears. I can’t say enough about how poignant and wonderful this article was. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you for visiting my site. I have to tell you that your comment touched me and as I read it out loud to my husband, it brought me to tears. I have no doubt that you are an amazing father and husband and I am sure your wife appreciates you recognizing her sacrifices and appreciating her. That is SO what all of us moms and wives desire and you are a great man to have figured it out. Blessings to your family and thank you for posting my favorite comment!


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