The Author of “Mommy, Somebody Needs You”? Is You.

Shhh… the baby is sleeping.  But, I want to tell you a secret.

I don’t know you, but you are awesome.  I know, and this is why…

If your arms have held a baby, and you’ve had to stop and catch your breath because the love has pushed up into your lungs, where the air should be…

If you love a child and their eyes melt you like a bowl of ice cream…

If you are a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, step mom, step dad, adoptive mom or dad, orange, purple or green…

… then you are the greatest person on earth to someone.  Your love makes you awesome and no one can ever tell you any differently.

You are doing the best you can.  Even if you just went through the McDonald’s drive thru or have more fruit chewies in your pantry than you do fresh fruit.  Even if you have laid down on the floor and cried, thinking, “I can’t do this.”  Or, “I can never do this like SHE does!”  You can.  And you can do it better.  Because no matter how this baby you love ended up in your arms, it is yours, and no one could ever love it more. SHE couldn’t love it any better.  And just what is “it” anyway?

Motherhood.  It is a tough job, and God didn’t just choose anyone to be your baby’s mom.  He chose you.

Your Nursery

A mother’s love is universal.  It’s power is the same whether in a cottage in the Swiss Alps or a Syrian refugee camp.  Mommys and Daddys from 216 different countries read the post, “Mommy, Somebody Needs You”.  They read it, because they wrote it.  Maybe not with the clicks of the keyboard, but with the beats of their heart.  You have held your baby alone in the night.  You have cradled your sick child.  You have felt exhausted and isolated.  You have felt elated and blessed beyond words.  If you love a child, then that child needs you, at any age and anywhere.  This love spans all landscapes and centuries.  This love looks with the same eyes into the starry night, whether through the holes of a withering tent or the cool panes of a nursery window.

So see that other mother over there?  She is beautiful.  She is a perfect mother.  Even if only in the eyes of her adoring child.  You don’t know where she has been.  So don’t assume to know her unless you have changed a thousand diapers in her shoes.  Help her.  Smile at her.  Open the door for her double stroller.

She has 1 child.  She has 8 children.  She has paid help.  She has a wonderful husband.  She is a single mom.  She is a widow.  She is in a same-sex relationship.  She is funny. She is terrified.  She is blessed.  She is insecure.  She is tired.  She is proud.  She is Mommy, Mum, Maman, Ahm, Mami, Mat’, Mae, Okaasan.  Across the earth we are all the same, we just have a different story.

Don’t judge another mother, help one another.  Don’t keep it a secret.  Don’t whisper, shout it!

Tell a mom she is awesome.  Even if it is yourself.

Now, pass it on…