The Author of “Mommy, Somebody Needs You”? Is You.

Shhh… the baby is sleeping.  But, I want to tell you a secret.

I don’t know you, but you are awesome.  I know, and this is why…

If your arms have held a baby, and you’ve had to stop and catch your breath because the love has pushed up into your lungs, where the air should be…

If you love a child and their eyes melt you like a bowl of ice cream…

If you are a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, step mom, step dad, adoptive mom or dad, orange, purple or green…

… then you are the greatest person on earth to someone.  Your love makes you awesome and no one can ever tell you any differently.

You are doing the best you can.  Even if you just went through the McDonald’s drive thru or have more fruit chewies in your pantry than you do fresh fruit.  Even if you have laid down on the floor and cried, thinking, “I can’t do this.”  Or, “I can never do this like SHE does!”  You can.  And you can do it better.  Because no matter how this baby you love ended up in your arms, it is yours, and no one could ever love it more. SHE couldn’t love it any better.  And just what is “it” anyway?

Motherhood.  It is a tough job, and God didn’t just choose anyone to be your baby’s mom.  He chose you.

Your Nursery

A mother’s love is universal.  It’s power is the same whether in a cottage in the Swiss Alps or a Syrian refugee camp.  Mommys and Daddys from 216 different countries read the post, “Mommy, Somebody Needs You”.  They read it, because they wrote it.  Maybe not with the clicks of the keyboard, but with the beats of their heart.  You have held your baby alone in the night.  You have cradled your sick child.  You have felt exhausted and isolated.  You have felt elated and blessed beyond words.  If you love a child, then that child needs you, at any age and anywhere.  This love spans all landscapes and centuries.  This love looks with the same eyes into the starry night, whether through the holes of a withering tent or the cool panes of a nursery window.

So see that other mother over there?  She is beautiful.  She is a perfect mother.  Even if only in the eyes of her adoring child.  You don’t know where she has been.  So don’t assume to know her unless you have changed a thousand diapers in her shoes.  Help her.  Smile at her.  Open the door for her double stroller.

She has 1 child.  She has 8 children.  She has paid help.  She has a wonderful husband.  She is a single mom.  She is a widow.  She is in a same-sex relationship.  She is funny. She is terrified.  She is blessed.  She is insecure.  She is tired.  She is proud.  She is Mommy, Mum, Maman, Ahm, Mami, Mat’, Mae, Okaasan.  Across the earth we are all the same, we just have a different story.

Don’t judge another mother, help one another.  Don’t keep it a secret.  Don’t whisper, shout it!

Tell a mom she is awesome.  Even if it is yourself.

Now, pass it on…


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Trending today at the Morton house…

Flirting with the ceiling fan (the baby, not me)


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Chocolate chip waffles,

Running with no pants on (a 4-year-old, not me)

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Wearing flip-flops indoors, all day, for the 37th day in a row.  In winter.

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Snuggling with baby sister,

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Playing new game called, “mean animals”.  Involves crawling around and howling as a pack of wolves and speaking in very mean voices.  I get to be the three-legged wolf with 1 eye who carries about 30 beanie babies back and forth to our “mean wolf den”. 

What’s trending in your nest today???

I Needed That

Wow!  I cannot believe how many moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas, read my most recent post composed of foggy thoughts made clear one night around 4am.  I just thought a few people might read it and relate.  I had hoped I could just make somebody smile.  I had NO IDEA millions of people would come across my story.  So many mommys said, “I needed that”.  That they were up with a sick child, exhausted, or at their wit’s end.  That they are a single mother trying to play both parenting roles and unsure of themselves.  A stay-at-home dad.  Those who still need their mommys, and talk to them in Heaven.  That they were a grandma who just needed a memory of holding her 1st child while listening to broadcasts as The Bay of Pigs unfolded.  I think we all just need a little reassurance that we are not alone.  That we are doing the best we can.  That somewhere out there in the dark night, some other parent is up rocking their colicky baby.  The needs I spoke of in this post were the basic physical needs of young children.  And I know there are oh so many more.  Many more experiences and adventures to come in this journey of parenthood.  I can’t wait for the memory-making to unfold like the pages of a book.  I think I am only at about Chapter 3.  I pray there are 100.  Thank you for visiting my page.  Thank you for sharing your advice and tears.  Thank you.  I am honored.

What do I need?  Well, I often need a kick in the rear.  Or a glass of red wine.  I need the sunshine to come out (pretty rare here in Central Indiana these days).  I also need a maid, but I don’t think that is going to happen either.  I know for sure I need my mommy.  I need her to watch my baby so I can get out of the house or just to join me on a trip to the mall.  I need my dad to be a different male role model to my boys than my husband.  One that is full of train rides and trips to Steak N Shake.  I need my sister to pick up my oldest from pre-school and take him to her house to bake cupcakes.  Most of all I need my husband.  To be my boys’ “superhero”, and mine.  I have been a parent for just 4 and 1/2 short years.  I need wisdom.  From my mom, my mother-in-law, my cousins, friends, from you.

I am counting on my children needing me in their teen years.  Just as I needed my mom to stop me from leaving the house with ridiculous hair or take me to the dermatologist’s office for my acne.  I assume they will need their dad just like I needed mine to walk with me along the beach in Florida as a child, and to walk me down the aisle to my husband.  I am counting on my children needing their father to drive them to baseball practice, host insane wrestling matches, and to have talks with them that I cannot.

My children need their grandparents.  They need them to form those special and unique bonds that a child can only have with a grandma or grandpa.  I needed my grandpa. I needed him there to celebrate his 91st and final Christmas, because, even though we celebrated it in a wonderful assisted-living community instead of his cozy living room in Lafayette, IN, it just wouldn’t have been Christmas without him.

I know my children will need me in my “golden years”, just not in that same aching way they need me now.  I sure do need my parents now!  Probably more than ever.  Or maybe now I just realize it, and say thank you.  Something I am pretty sure my 16-year-old self didn’t do. Those of you who know me know I am only half-kidding about a wheelchair in an assisted-living facility.  The ones I know of are wonderful places full of loving and caring staff.  I will be the first to wheel myself down to happy hour if I am lucky enough to have my kids put me in one with a bar.

Being there for the people who need us.  Saying thank you to the people who are important in our lives.  Laughing together.  Having a beautiful memory that brings a tear.  God.  Love.  Isn’t that what it’s all about? It’s really pretty simple, even when it’s not.  Please remind me of that one day when I sit in my room at Shady Acres with plenty of free time.  I just pray that in my arms will be my great-grand baby.  And at the table next to me, a well-worn book, an empty baby bottle, and a glass of wine.  Red wine.

*** If you NEED something to laugh at, you can laugh at me, I don’t mind.  Here is a sneak peek at tomorrow’s post…***

The Baricade

There are 2 little superheroes in this picture.  Somewhere.